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Who We Are

St Matthew affirms the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTQ+) members of our parish family and the broader community. 

St Matthew Community is a welcoming hand of Jesus extended to LGBTQ+ parishioners, their families, and friends.  LEAD ministry provides education and clarification on LGBTQ+ matters.

The St. Matthew LGBTQ+ Ministry commits to modeling a community of faith and spirit that works toward openness and understanding.  LEAD strives to offer justice, healing, and wholeness of life for all God's people. 

We believe that the unique diversity of the Community of St. Matthew demonstrates a unity of faith that transcends our differences and celebrates the gifts we are from God, our Creator.

How We Began

Our History

LEAD Ministry was started in 2010 to educate and affirm diversity, helping St. Matthew live up to its mission of welcoming.  The ministry began in response to a request from a mother of a gay son and a lesbian daughter.  LEAD now has over 30 active and committed members.  Our members, of all genders & sexualities, are active in all aspects of parish life.

Our LEADers.

Meet the dynamic leaders of LEAD. With unwavering dedication, Samuel, Micah, and Fr. Matt  embody the spirit of compassion and advocacy within their community. Together, they lead with boundless empathy, fostering a safe haven where individuals can embrace their identity while deepening their connection to their Catholic faith. Their leadership not only celebrates diversity but also paves the way for inclusion and solidarity in Catholicism.

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Samuel (he/him, er/ihm)



Micah (he/him)



Fr. Matt (he/him)

Priest, LGBT Liason

Contact LEAD

For more information on LEAD's ministry, to collaborate, or to ask any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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